This High Protein Low Calorie Beer Lets You Get Ripped And Drunk

by : UNILAD on : 25 Feb 2016 14:55
BarBell Brew

It looks like drinking a six-pack can now help you get a six-pack thanks to a new high protein, low calorie beer. 


The innovative drink – Barbell Brew – contains 21.8g of protein, roughly the same amount as a sirloin steak, but it only contains 92.4 calories. It’s got a 3.6 per cent ABV – so it’s not going to blow your head off – but the makers seem pretty convinced it passes the taste test.

Barbell Brew is the creation of online health retailer MuscleFood, who have taken months to perfect their groundbreaking brew, reports the Mirror.

Spokesperson for MuscleFood, Darren Beale said: 


Living a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, especially when you enjoy a drink with friends. But now our high-protein alternative means anyone can enjoy a beer without the guilt.

Mr Beale says the beers have been rigorously tested, and that Barbell Brew ‘tastes similar’ to popular craft beers while delivering 85 per cent fewer carbs and 33 per cent fewer calories.


According to the Mirror,  It’s not necessarily beer but too many calories that are responsible for turning your svelte waistline into a protruding beer belly. Any calories can increase stomach fat, but alcohol does seem to have a particular association with fat in the midsection.

Not any more though guys. Not any more.

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