This Is Hands Down The Weirdest Pizza Joint In The World


Sorry Domino’s – you’ve got nothing on these guys…

If you think ham and pineapple is a fucking grim topping, wait until you see these ‘food porn’ faux pas…


A restaurant in Brazil is making a bit of a name for itself for serving a massive range of pizzas with a variety of outrageous and bizarre toppings, with some being completely inedible. Kind of defeats the purpose of eating, right?

The most audacious include a whole tyre with a chocolate and smartie centre, sweet and savoury (not done to its best) with creme caramel pizza with olives and sun-dried tomatoes. Can the mind vomit? Oh, and one with a whole roast chicken slapped on top of a margherita base. Standard.


Pictures of the restaurants creations were posted on Imgur late last week and have gone viral, being viewed over 500,000 times. Not suprisingly, many took the piss out of these new wave toppings and Brazilian cuisine in general.

Tralchemist said: “I’m not saying it isn’t good, but Brazil clearly doesn’t understand some fundamental concepts of pizza.”


UpVoteAllDogs said: “I never thought I’d say no to pizza”, whilst DrBluee said: “I question how you could eat these without getting stomach pain later.”

Finally, Ilmagnatrix summed it up pretty well, by simply saying: “Well. They all look fucking disgusting.”

Your Daily Pizza

It looks like Brazil wants to follow in the footsteps of Sweden, who are infamous for it’s rather odd pizza toppings, with everything from chocolate and bananas, to kebab, curry and honey used to top the Italian classic.

Sweden’s pizza scene is famous for it’s downright bizarre creations, with everything from chocolate and bananas to kebab, honey and even curry used as toppings.


What’s wrong with just having pepperoni, eh?