This Is How Many Halloween Sweets It’d Take To Kill You

by : UNILAD on : 30 Oct 2016 18:15
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Children from all across the world will stalk the streets tonight all searching for one thing in particular – candy. 


Trick or treat they will say as they fill their hands and pockets with sweets, treats, and all things sugary as can be, but how many chocolate bars, cupcakes, and Haribos are too much? How many would kill you?


Fortunately, toffees probably wont be taking any lives tonight unless you’ve got a gargantuan appetite, reports the LA Times.

I’m sure we’ve all gobbled down far too many chocolates in any one sitting and felt the demons of health knocking us sick and giving us the nauseating urge to be violently sick – but never fear, death is a million miles away if it’s just a one off.


In order to attain a 50-50 chance of death what you need to consume is around 13.5 grams of sugar for every pound of your body weight.


The American Chemical Society claims that as the average American man weighs around 195.5 pounds, he’d have to eat and drink around 2,640 grams of sugar to have equal odds of living or dying.

Now although to you and me that’s just some distant statistic, 2,640 grams of sugar is equal to eating over 150 funsize Snickers or 100 funsize packs of M&Ms, claims the La Times.


Alternatively, the average American woman weighs 166 pounds, so she’d have to devour 2,250 grams of sugar which equates to 1,520 chunks of candy corn, or 214 Reese’s peanut butter cups.

So death by chocolate isn’t very likely tonight at all.

P.S. Do not try this at home…

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    Can too much Halloween candy kill you? This is how much it would take