This Is How People Eat Their Burgers Around The World


I think we can all agree that the humble burger rightly deserves the place it holds in the hearts and minds of meat-eaters around the world.

But while it may be considered an American dish, the rest of the world has been quick to integrate hamburgers into their own cuisines.

The worldwide success of the burger has seen local chefs come up with a whole host of new and exciting takes on the classic combo.

This infographic provides a shortlist of some of the world’s tastiest and most innovative burgers – so it doesn’t matter whether it’s a poutine burger from Canada that sets your mouth watering, or a cheese-stuffed ‘Juicy Nookie’ from Minneapolis, Minnesota that has your tastebuds tingling in anticipation.

It’s time to buy some loose-fitting trousers and read the rest of this selection before booking your next trip to burger heaven.

The Burger Lover

So there you have it guys, if that hasn’t got you in the mood for a juicy, delicious little burger you’re a stronger person than me.