This Is How To Order The Most Pizza For The Least Money


Any student knows that the most important thing in life is maximising food consumption for the least amount of money possible.

From wearing a variety of disguises to receive multiple free samples at the supermarket, to calculating to the exact penny which crate of beer contains the most alcohol, knowing a deal is a vital life skill.

So then, it’s no surprise that dedicated foodies have actually done the maths to work out exactly which deal is better when it comes to pizzas – one 16 inch or two eight inch pizzas.

On paper, it sounds like there’d be no difference between the two, but according to AsapSCIENCE, you’d be wrong.

Without going into the basic high-school maths – which I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t get at the time and still don’t – it all boils down to the radius of the pizza.

Basically, the radius of a delicious pizza is squared when you double it, which means you essentially double the amount of delicious piping hot pizza you get to eat.


This means that an eight inch pizza nets you around 50 square inches of deliciousness but a 16-inch pizza gets you around 200 square inches of greasy goodness – that’s nearly four times the amount!

So whenever someone criticises you for going large on your pizza, just inform them that you’re making an informed pizza based decision. It’s the responsible thing to do.