This Is The World’s First Hangover Preventing Snack, And It Looks Delicious

150422_SeriousPig61246_FsmallSerious Pig

It’s pretty safe to say that absolutely no one likes hangovers.

And there’s no time of the year so full of hangovers than the festive period (which is coming up pretty soon, in case you live in a massive Christmas free cave).

Luckily for you, though, London-based meat company Serious Pig have developed the perfect cure – the world’s first hangover preventing meat snack.

DSC_0533Serious Pig

The ‘Hangover Cured’ pork snack is high in protein and contains doses of both chilli and ginger, which experts say help to ease hangover symptoms, Digital Newsroom reported.

And unlike most hangover cures, it’s eaten alongside the alcoholic drink as a preventative to symptoms like nausea, fatigue and headaches.

George Rice, the boss of Serious Pig, said:

Let’s be honest, nobody likes a hangover at the best of times, so we thought we’d invent something that would take the edge off.

What we’ve produced is something a little different, it’s more prevention than anything else, in that, you can actually enjoy whilst you’re having a beer, or glass or wine. We’ve put it to the test at home and down the pub and it works a dream. Our friends and family have been our guinea pigs, too, and they’ve all told us it definitely eased their hangovers.

DSC_0536Serious Pig

Looks like a win win to me!