This Is What McDonald’s Will Look Like In The Future

by : UNILAD on : 01 Jan 2016 19:25

Back in the 90’s it’s fair to say McDonald’s had a bit of an image problem…


Burgers came in some proper grim polystyrene boxes, the food was pretty much plastic and greasy as fuck and everything was orange, yellow and brown.

But in recent years the fast-food restaurant has tried to get all trendy by introducing wraps and salads and even recently recruited the help of Michelin-starred chefs to create a gourmet burger range. Oooh, very posh.


McDonald’s are having to up their game to compete with higher-end burger gaffs like Five Guys and Byron, and now they’re giving fast-food fans a taste of what’s to come in the future… and it has salad bars and pastries, apparently.


The company created a concept store in Hong Kong, dubbed ‘McDonalds Next’, showcasing what it believes to be the future of fast food.

The minimalist restaurant looks pretty damn cool, with an Apple-like design and incredibly shiny. It features a ton of stainless steel, concrete and subtle lighting.

It’s not just the look of the restaurant that’s a world away from it’s current offerings. Pictures posted on Instagram show a well posher burger to rival the more upmarket burger restaurants.


The store also boasts phone chargers, a salad bar (very Harvester) and water fountain. What the fuck?

This outlet of the future was designed by Landini Associates, who joined forces with McDonald’s to create the restaurant near Admiralty Station, according to Hong Kong Navi.


Could this be the game-changer McDonalds are looking for? We’re not so sure…

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