This Is What That Extra Bit At The End Of Wooden Chopsticks Is For


Every now and then you experience a revelation and everything just sort of falls into place – and this could be one of those moments.

We’re all aware of disposable chopsticks, but what we probably aren’t aware of is that there’s actually a use for that big bit on the end that you normally just chuck away, reports Joe.

One Twitter user shared a picture, which has revealed the true purpose of the little wooden nubbin, writing: ‘I…. I never knew *collapses onto floor crying*’.

It turns out she’d finally realised it doubles up as a little stand for your sticks to keep them lifted off the table – genius!

And she wasn’t the only to whom this was big news:

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Admittedly this happened back in February, but it’s news to me and obviously vitally important that I share this newfound and dare I say it – game changing – bit of info with everyone.