This Is What The Original McDonald’s Menu Looked Like

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From its humble beginnings back in 1940, McDonald’s is now probably the most recognised fast-food restaurant on the globe.


In recent months and years, branches around the world have been releasing some weird AF creations to cater to the Instagram age, including coloured buns, chocolate drizzled french fries and Bubblegum McFizz – a far cry from its original offerings.


But what was this food like back in the day?

Well, the fast-food giants’ origins can be traced back 76 years ago, when the McDonald’s Bar-B-Q was opened in San Bernadino, California, The Sun reports.


The guys behind the brand, Dick and Mac McDonald, created an extensive menu with the classic hamburger being front and centre – on offer for a measly 25 cents.


Other menu options included stuff like chilli & beans, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and barbecued plates.

This was all washed down with Coca Cola, root beer, ice cream sodas or coffee.

Back in the days when McDonald’s wasn’t serving up mass-produced bullshit, the menu items were barbecued in the store’s own pit, where customers were allowed to watch – now that’s what I’m talking about!


In the late 40’s, the brothers had to close down the restaurant for a refurb and this is when the outlet was re-born as a self-service restaurant, with a much more streamlined menu.

Boasting only nine items, the menu then offered cheeseburgers, hamburgers, potato chips, pies, and an array of soft drinks and coffee.


Only 12 months later, potato chips were cast out and switched for the now iconic french fries. Their business really took off in the 50’s, with Ray Kroc helping the brothers to franchise the business out in 1954.


A year later, they opened their second store in Illinois, where the Golden Arches first appeared.

Sticking with the nine-item menu, with hamburgers as their signature dish, they offered a selection of drinks as well as french fries and cheeseburgers.

And the rest, they say, is history. The brand is now present in 119 countries across the world and is the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants.

McDonald's Corp. Introduces 100-Yen Burger Against Sales Tax HikeMcDonald's Corp. Introduces 100-Yen Burger Against Sales Tax HikeGetty

So there you have it. The humble hamburger pretty much defined everything that McDonald’s is today.

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