Why Are There Always More Yellow Skittles In A Bag?


I remember being about seventeen and ranting to my toy bears about this issue… it is one that has plagued me for some time now.

How could it be that the Skittle makers could create such inequality of colour in their bags?

Why do yellow Skittles make up the majority in a sweet society that could so easily be even.

This video of the Skittles factory has revealed that the hoppers containing each individual colour are actually being invaded by yellows.

So they’ve got their own stream, and they’re also infiltrating the other colours.

Look at those evil little yellows sneaking in to my prize reds…


Well it’s not just me, people of Reddit have also been affected by the inequality and they have a few theories of their own…

I am fully with this guy…

He puts forward a great point. This isn’t just a Skittles problem, it’s a much broader confectionery quandary.

If you want me to taste the rainbow, give me a full fucking rainbow.