This Is Why Your Pizza Comes With That Tiny Plastic Table Thing


Pizza lovers, assemble. The mysterious tiny plastic table that sticks out of your takeout pizza has been explained. 

So if you’re a glutton for weird, useless pieces of information just as much as you’re a glutton for pizza, listen up because this factoid is for you.

I thought this very important nugget of wisdom was common knowledge, but after a quick office survey, apparently some takeaway amateurs have been ignoring the alien object among their food. Some pizza fanatics even said they’d never noticed the tiny tables in their hunger haze.

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So for those of you still in the dark, it’s called a ‘Pizza Saver’ – a just name for the inanimate object that literally saves your pizza from trauma in transit.

It was designed to stop the cardboard takeout boxes sagging due to the steam emanating from your piping hot pizza. Rather than allowing the cardboard to sag over all that delicious melted cheese, the Pizza Saver holds it up valiantly and protects your topping. Unless it’s tuna, because that shit’s just wrong.

It’s not the first – and probably won’t be the last – pizza saving hack to be invented.

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But according to Elite Daily, the Pizza Saver – the mother of all pizza hacks – was invented by Carmela Vitale of Long Island in 1983.

Vitale passed away in 2005, so next time you tuck into your perfectly topped pepperoni pizza take a moment to remember her genius and innovation.

Thanks, Carmela, you know not how grateful we all are.