This McDonalds Doesn’t Sell Burgers Or Nuggets – The End Is Nigh



The fast-food giant McDonald’s seems to be having a bit of an identity crisis.

First, they released new fancy smancy burgers with the help of top chefs. Then they tried to shove salads in our faces (which turned out were almost as unhealthy as a Big Mac).

And then they decided to create a new self-service system which basically involved you walking around aimlessly with a ticket like you’re in fucking Argos, but this latest move might be the most radical.

McDonald’s opened a new restaurant that doesn’t sell any burgers…or fries. What is this madness!?

This is not a drill. There’s not even a whiff of a Big Mac or any sign of McChicken Nuggets in this McDonald’s or should we say, McCafé in Paris.

It opened late last month on Rue Rambuteau and instead of serving burgers and fries, they’ve opted for coffee, soup, club sandwiches, bagels, cakes and even macarons. It’s oh so very continental and so un-McDonald’s.

This new concept includes an open kitchen, a cake counter and seating for 30 people. They don’t even have any of that garish McDonald’s branding all over the shop, other than the sign on the front door.

Apparently this isn’t the first time that McDonald’s have tested the waters with a burger-free menu in Paris. Back in 2010, they opened a McCafé which featured a large salad bar and it didn’t end well, closing a year later.

Whether anyone will be lovin’ it this time around remains to be seen.