This New Delivery Service Has Great News For Your Dog



There’s great news for dog owners who never get to enjoy their takeaway in peace… 

Foodora, an Australian food delivery service has come up with the genius idea of delivering a meal for your four-legged friend right alongside your favourite pizza, reports Mashable.

So now when your dog is demanding a bite of your burger you can actually eat your dinner in peace while they tuck into their very own takeaway.

It’s being trialled in Sydney and Melbourne from April 11th to 17th with restaurants Dulcis Domus, Pizza Autentico, Hannibal, Italian Bar, Naked Chicks, Italian Chef, Laksa Bar and a few others all set to serve the canine treats.

The scheme is actually a partnership between dog food brand ‘My Dog’ and the food delivery company and is only available through the Foodora website.

In case you are the owner of a particularly fussy dog, the ‘My Dog doggy bags’ – brilliant – come with a choice of Angus beef, pasta and carrots or free range chicken, brown rice and vegetables.


Amazingly they are also free of charge during the trial period. Don’t get too excited though, unfortunately the meals aren’t custom-made dishes  – they’re actually just a tin of dog food.

But at least you can save yourself a trip to the supermarket and eat your dinner without those sad, begging eyes burning a hole into your soul.