This Picture Of A Guy Carrying Pizza Will Make You Absolutely Furious


What you are about to see is absolute sacrilege.

I think we can universally agree pizza is holy food. If the last supper was to take place in modern times, The Messiah would be blessing a stuffed-crust pepperoni pizza and washing it down with Pepsi Coca-Cola.

What this unknown pizza charlatan was thinking, we have no idea. But I bet when he opened those two boxes up he was like: ‘I didn’t order a one-sided cheese and pepperoni pizza’.


Our only conclusion is that this must be the poor blokes first time buying pizza, if so then this is his trial by fire.

A concerned pizza enthusiast quickly spotted it and posted it on Twitter and Imgur, as most things involving pizza that makes its way to the internet, it went viral. And people we’re not happy, in fact they lost their collective shit.

If anything, this is an example about how important pizza is to us mere human beings. It’s the last bastion of goodness that we can cling onto in this cruel and unfair world.

What this guy has done is not only a crime against pizza, the good people of Italy and cheese based-foods but also a crime against humanity.

For shame unknown pizza desecrator… for shame.