This Restaurant Will Pay You £300 To Eat This Bowl Of Ramen Noodles

My Navi

If you have a thing for ramen noodles, boy do we have good news for you.

The Umakara Ramen Hyouri restaurant in Tokyo is offering $438 (£300) to anyone daring enough to devour this grand monument of ramen and broth in under 20 minutes.

If that’s too quick, the restaurant will compensate you $236 (£188) for eating the bowl in under 30 minutes, because, hey, you may have failed, but you’re still a champion.

Here’s a picture of it scaled next to an iPhone, from Japanese site, MyNavi, just in case you weren’t already aware of its sheer size:


Called the ‘mega serving’ challenge, the towering bowl is likely to be a bit too much for the average stomach, so the restaurant is charging contestants an $88 (£70) penalty if they spew. Consider it a very expensive cleaning fee.

According to Kotaku, the titanic soup dish contains ‘four servings of ramen noodles, 8.8 pounds of bean sprouts, and nearly 24 ounces of broth’. It’s also sprinkled with chilli powder.

If you ever happen to be in Tokyo and find yourself craving an abnormally large amount of ramen noodles, head over to Umakara Ramen Hyouri. And if you happen to successfully devour it, you’ll find yourself among the nine other legendary warriors who have also completed the task.

Just be prepared to never eat, look, or speak of ramen noodles again.