This Simple Hack Can Get You Unlimited Free Pies At Tesco

Higgidy Pies

There may finally be an answer to that age old question ‘Who ate all the pies?’ and it turns out it could very well be you.

And with our generation facing economic misery – not to mention a student loan we’ll probably never actually pay off – we need all the help we can get.

This simple yet effective piece of money saving/face stuffing advice comes courtesy of Jordon Cox –  that guy who went from Sheffield to Essex via Berlin because it was cheaper.


He posted his latest bit of cost cutting advice to his blog on MoneySavingExpert and has outlined his method of getting unlimited free pies, well sort of.

Basically Jordon spotted a free pie voucher for Higgidy pies in certain Tesco stores.  It’s active until April 30th, and it turns out that – foolishly – there’s no limit on the number of delicious pies you can buy.


He explains the process like this in his MoneySavingExpert column:

– Buy pie for £3.50

– Open packet and remove voucher

– Use voucher to get a free pie

– Open free pie and remove voucher

– Use the next voucher to get another free pie

– Repeat ad infinitum (or until the Tesco store runs out of pies)

Higgidy Pies

So there you go, all you pie fans out there can enjoy a nice little ‘easter egg’ at least until Tesco run out of pies – or people run out of stomach.

I can just hear the sound of freezers creaking under the weight of massive stockpiles of free pies already…