This Street Food Instagram Account Will Make You Hungry And Jealous


If you are someone who gets easily jealous – especially at the site of someone else’s ‘Instagram life’, this could be difficult…

Melissa Hie is not only eating her way around the world sampling some of the most delicious looking treats you’ve ever seen but has taken some pretty awesome photos to prove it.

In summer 2013, the Singapore-based blogger went on her first solo backpacking trip to Europe and wanted to take some pics of her travels – but she’s not a big fan of selfies.

She is, on the other hand, a massive fan of food, writing on her blog:

I am always eating so I took pictures of food at whatever memorable site I was in

Then I posted these pictures to my personal Facebook where I received positive feedback from friends so I kept on taking one at every city.

In May 2014, Melissa started sharing the pictures on her Instagram page – Girl Eat World – and she now has over 283,000 followers.

And you can see why.

Each local delicacy is pictured in its ‘natural’ surroundings and if you don’t start salivating at some of these you’re a stronger person than me…

2nd favorite #GirlEatWorld moment in 2015 is also from Australia ??, but a completely different part of the continent – the outback! This is a glass of white wine I had during the magical Sounds of Silence dinner with the view of Uluru. My experience in the outback can’t be summed up in an instagram post, so i’ll have a series of blog post coming up at my blog! You can follow me at to be notified when these posts finally come together. Waking up in your tent in the middle of the night to a repetitive thumping sound and peeking outside to find out it was a group of wild wallaby passing by your campground was… quite amazing to say the least. It’s a memory I will truly cherish forever. Thanks @yhaaustralia for sending me on this trip!

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4th favorite #GirlEatWorld moment of 2015 – This is a Bo Lo Bao at The Peak in Hong Kong ??. This year i visited Hong Kong four times = Three times for work and once for a trip with @skyscannersg. In total, I spent over a month and got to know the city really well, especially the Causeway Bay area. Thanks @singasongjess for accompanying me on one of the trips and @cultoflee for meeting up whenever possible! Why Bo Lo Bao? Because it’s so popular in Hong Kong that it became part of Hong Kong’s intangible cultural heritage. Bo lo bao means pineapple bun ? but it does not contain any pineapple at all. It earned its name due to the sweet crust of the top of the bun which resembles the scaly exterior of pineapples. It’s normally had for breakfast, and sometimes served with a block of iced butter inside. The Peak is a short tram / cab ride away from Central Hong Kong. It’s a popular spot for a scenic view of Hong Kong island. On a good day you can see across the victoria harbor on to the Kowloon side as seen in this picture!

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??? Too cute to eat!!! When i saw this Hello Kitty dim sum featured by @danielfooddiary, my first reaction was “I MUST HAVE IT NOW ?”. So, off I went to the Hello Kitty restaurant which offers tons of Kitty-themed dishes! Traditionally, this is Liu Sha Bao aka Salted Egg Yolk custard bun – which is a popular part of dim sum and best known for the liquid salted egg yolk filling which is sweet and full of flavors. Many people complained about the food quality here, but I think they have improved since the first opening a few months ago. You shouldn’t go here expecting for the best dimsum (especially in Hong Kong), but if you are a Hello Kitty fan you MUST go! #toocutetoeat The Dapper collection by @danielwellingtonwatches launches today! It’s men’s watch but I love the deep blue hands. Use “dwGirleatsworld” for a further 20% discount at their website! Code has been extended to 30th October ??

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Sometimes I really question my life choices…