Thousands Of Brussels Sprouts Spill All Over Road Putting Christmas ‘At Risk’

by : Cameron Frew on : 17 Dec 2019 08:19
Thousands Of Brussels Sprouts Spill All Over Road Putting Christmas 'At Risk'SWNS

For some, a tragedy. For others, a festive miracle: Christmas dinners in a small Scottish town are ‘at risk’ after a mountain of Brussels sprouts spilled onto the road. 

They’re a key component of your plate on December 25. Love them or hate them, there’s little to stop your mum dumping the little green vegetables in front of you, tainting your otherwise immense Christmas meal.


As seasonal shops ramp up in the last week before the big day, supplies are arriving from all over to meet demands. However, if you’re up in Fife, don’t expect sprouts to be an easy find.

Brussels Sprouts lorrySWNS

Yesterday, December 16, a lorry’s trailer overturned onto the road after the driver slightly misjudged a roundabout. At 10.45am, any residents near Admiralty Road in Rosyth would have witnessed a cascade of sprouts escaping onto the concrete.

Thankfully, no injuries have been reported from the incident. However, police have said that ‘Christmas dinners could be affected’ – I’m sure some people are absolutely gutted.


South West Fife Police tweeted following the green spill: 

There’s been a bit of a #BrusselSprouts accident at the roundabout at Admiralty Road, #Rosyth. Please avoid the area if possible. Traffic and #Christmas dinners may be affected. Apologies for any delays…

Naturally, people have flocked to the replies to express their delight, dismay and even crack a few jokes, with one criticising the driver by calling it ‘sproutrageous driving’.


One user wrote: ‘They must be for next Christmas. Everybody knows you need to have them on from April.’ Another user wrote: ‘Best place for the bloody things.’

Brussels Sprout LorrySWNS

Growing up, you’re always told that you’ll appreciate vegetables when you’re an adult – that is mostly true. However, I still find anyone who actively seeks out sprouts at Christmas completely beguiling.

All across Fife, it’s speculated kids are celebrating upon news of the mighty loss of sprouts that occurred yesterday – some suggested the ‘three-second rule’, but I think they’ll be getting chucked in the bin.


One user wrote: ‘This isn’t funny – have you any idea how many Christmas dinners have been made edible by this accident.’ Another wrote: ‘Children everywhere are rejoicing!’

Of course, some people mined the incident for Brexit gags, with one joker writing: ‘It’s what happens when you are forced to abandon Brussels.’ Another person added: ‘Brussels in disarray as Brexit looms!’

If there’s any way to kill festive cheer, it’s Brexit.


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