Thousands Turn Up To Save Dad’s Taco Truck After He Made $6 In One Day

by : Cameron Frew on : 17 Sep 2020 13:51
Thousands Turn Up To Save Dad's Taco Truck After He Made $6 In One DayThousands Turn Up To Save Dad's Taco Truck After He Made $6 In One DayABC 13

One tweet, a lot of tacos, honing the power of social media, a Texas woman saved her dad’s food truck. 

Eleazar Aviles is the proud owner of Taqueria El Torito, a delicious taco truck in Humble, Texas, which, unfortunately, has been struggling recently due to the impact of the current pandemic.


On September 12, he only managed to sell $6 worth of tacos in a single day, following a steady decline from $60, to $40, to as low as $20. With his business in trouble, his daughter Giselle took to Twitter to reel in some hungry foodies. With a single tweet, the truck is booming again.

Check out the taco truck’s success in the news report below: 

The 21-year-old wrote alongside a photo of the truck: ‘Hey Twitter!! I wouldn’t normally do this, but my dad’s taco truck business is struggling, he only sold $6 today. If you could retweet, I would appreciate you so much!!’


Giselle told CNN: ‘When he said $6, it was kind of like are you kidding me? So, I just said well we have nothing to lose and I decided to make the tweet that day.’

Taco Truck TweetTaco Truck TweetLiamchampaynee/Twitter/ABC 13

According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, more than 100,000 small businesses have not survived due to the pandemic, with more continuing to fold every week.

Fortunately, Aviles’ truck received a lot of love online, with his daughter’s tweet racking up thousands of likes and retweets. The owner didn’t know what to expect, having not been particularly savvy with social media.


When he turned up for work the next day at 8am, he found a queue of customers – some of whom had been waiting since 6am. One customer, Karla de Leon, told ABC 13: ‘I thought it was amazing, I actually saw it on my social media. I definitely enjoy supporting local businesses especially everything we’re going through right now.’

ABC 13

Giselle told KHOU

There were so many people, and [my dad] was kind of shocked because he didn’t think there would be a turnaround that quickly. It feels amazing because I was just trying to just help him. Just being able to do something that’s going to give him business right now, that’s going to get him known.


The truck’s popularity has seen it temporarily close twice, with food constantly running out and orders always coming in. In the days since, Giselle has made an Instagram page for the truck, so people can easily find it and keep up to date.

His son Jordi said: ‘We’re really grateful for the support we’ve been getting and the positive messages.’ Aviles added: ‘Thanks to God, we’re doing alright… this is my passion, I love to cook.’

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