TikToker Orders Giant Bucket Filled With Mac And Cheese From KFC

by : Lucy Connolly on : 19 Aug 2020 17:41
guy orders mac and cheese in kfc bucket 1itsallenferrell/TikTok

KFC buckets are the stuff of legend: whether you’re sharing with a few friends or hungover as all hell and decide to order the full thing for yourself, they’ve got you covered.

The possibilities are endless too. Although of course it goes without saying that you have to be in the mood for chicken if you’re ordering a bucket at a place called Kentucky Fried Chicken, there’s the option to choose between hot wings, popcorn chicken, original recipe chicken, mini fillets… the list goes on.


But what if I were to tell you that you can fill up your bucket with something else entirely? Specifically, macaroni and cheese? Well, strap yourselves in because we’re about to go on a wild ride, and one that involves someone doing exactly that.

Check out the guy in question below:


TikToker Allen Ferrell made the decision to order the giant portion of mac and cheese yesterday, August 18, while visiting his local KFC via the drive-thru. Scratch that, someone else made the decision for him.

That’s because Ferrell is known on the video-sharing platform for ordering ridiculous things at various takeaways just to see if he can get away with it – so much so that now his followers have started sending in requests for him.

Obviously, these requests have gotten increasingly outlandish as time has progressed – one of the first ones saw him going to Taco Bell and asking for a taco with nothing but lettuce as a filling – and this brings us to the present day mac and cheese incident.

kfc mac and cheeseitsallenferrell/TikTok

‘So I was actually wondering if you could fill one of those chicken buckets completely with mac and cheese for me,’ he asks the unsuspecting KFC employee from his car. ‘As you can tell, no, I really do love it, I love the mac and cheese here.’

The camera then cuts to Ferrell holding a bucket filled with the cheesy pasta while telling his followers: ‘Guys they actually did it. Oh my God.’

And despite him initially asking the person who sent in the request what was wrong with them with a disgusted look on his face, the TikToker appeared to change his mind once he took a bite of the feast.

I mean, his face says it all really:

guy gets kfc bucket of mac n cheeseitsallenferrell/TikTok

Ferrell ended up paying $21 for the bucket, and it seems it was worth it considering the fact he later admitted to eating the whole thing. Hey, you’ve got to get value for money, right?

But wait, because I don’t even think the mac and cheese was Ferrell’s best weird purchase. Most recently, the TikToker shared a video of him following up on another follower’s request: to order a KFC bucket filled with mashed potatoes.

Again, the fast food chain obliged, and this time Ferrell filmed himself enjoying a giant portion of KFC’s mash and gravy – all for the cost of $18.


You can check out that visit below:

@itsallenferrellReply to @greys.anatomy.supergirl4 WHATS NEXT ? ##fyp ##foryou

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Anyone else tempted to go out and order what he had?

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