Totino’s Have Just Created Mac ‘N’ Cheese Pizza Rolls

by : UNILAD on : 20 Jun 2017 18:48

If you love mac ‘n’ cheese and pizza then all your dreams are about to come true…


Your favourite brand of frozen pizza, Totino’s, is releasing macaroni and cheese pizza rolls with bacon and it is sure to take midnight snacking to a whole new level.

The immensely popular bite-sized rolls have been around since the ’90s but Totino’s have really outdone themselves with this new flavour.

Although the first round of shipments went out at the start of this week, the rolls won’t be available everywhere until October.


As soon as you see them in your local grocery though, make sure you grab them quick as they are sure to be a sell out.

The exciting flavour is the first new one to be released since the limited edition cheeseburger flavour in 2016.

The announcement comes after Pizza Hut turned our world upside down with their impressive mac ‘n’ cheese pizza.

It seems like mac ‘n’ cheese is once again flavour of the month.

If you fancy making your own mac ‘n’ cheese pizza, check out our video.

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    Totino's Mac ‘N' Cheese Pizza Rolls Will Bring Midnight Snacking To A New Leve