Twix Chocolate Spread Has Landed And It Sounds Awesome


It could be time for Nutella to move over as there’s a new chocolate spread in town.

Mars have only gone and released the nest level in toast-topping chocolatey goodness – spreadable Twix, reports The Sun.

It’s described as a smooth chocolatey spread, with a hint of caramel plus pieces of crunchy Twix biscuit – what’s not to like?


According to Mars, the Twix spread works best as a topper for toast or crumpets – but I imagine it’ll be just as delicious spooned into milkshakes, melted onto pancakes or eaten straight out of the jar with your fist (or a spoon).

At the moment you can only pick up the 200g jars for £2 at ASDA, but if you don’t have one within walking distance don’t worry, be patient – there are plans for them to be stocked in a number of supermarkets across the UK very soon.

Although it loos like you could be a bit spoiled for choice when you get to the spread aisle – Mars have also released a Malteasers and a Bounty spread too.

Hopefully they will all fare a bit better than this forgotten gem…


These new ones sound way better to be fair.