Unbelievably This Key Ingredient Is Being Phased Out Of The Full English

by : UNILAD on : 24 Mar 2016 14:36

Many people would argue that, without bacon, a full English isn’t even a full English.


But a new survey has found that over a quarter of people aged between 18-24 say they no longer include bacon in the traditional fry-up, reports The Mirror.

It seems that the declining popularity of the delicious breakfast staple has come after the World Health Organisation (WHO) linked the consumption of processed meat such as sausages and bacon to cancer.


Sales of bacon have fallen by four per cent since the report came out late last year and the recent poll suggests Brits are now looking for healthier options when it comes to breakfast.


The survey also found that scrambled eggs are on course to overtake their greasy cousins – fried eggs – as the number one choice in a full English


Ursula Philpot, a dietitian and senior lecturer at Leeds Beckett University said: 

There is a link between packaged meats like bacon which are cured and wrapped and bowel cancer.

But we wouldn’t tell people to never eat bacon or sausages.

If they’re eating it three or four times a week it might be worth reducing your intake but if it’s once a fortnight then it’s nothing to worry about.


The survey also found that the average Brit spends £6.88 a week on breakfast – comparatively low when it is supposed to be the most important meal of the day.

It also discovered that a bowl of cereal is still the most common breakfast with 59 per cent of people regularly choosing it, followed by toast (51 per cent), porridge (34.8 per cent) and an egg (22.6 per cent).

But bacon’s the best bit!

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