US Woman Shares The American KFC Options And Brits Can’t Get Over It

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 10 Jan 2022 10:24
US Woman Shares The American KFC Options And Brits Can't Get Over It@watchkittyshrink/TikTok

A woman has revealed the shocking differences between the US and UK versions of KFC. 

KFC – so delicious that people have been known to risk being arrested to try and take home a bucket of the crispy chicken.


Despite not being a massive fan of the fast-food chain, a woman wanted to show her friends from across the pond what you can order on the US menu.

She also called on residents of the UK to share their own orders to weigh up the differences – sorry, but how and why can you order a pot pie?


US fast-food chains are known for not doing things by halves, with McDonalds products having been discovered as being different in size compared to their British counterparts.


However, not only do the sizes of items differ across the sea, the range of products do too.

From being able to drink your Coca-Cola from a bag to being able to order not just chicken, but a pie, KFC’s US menu is as cool as it is confusing.

The woman (@WatchKittyShrink) said: 

So have y’all ever seen a bag of pop? I hadn’t until this very minute, but the KFC Family Feast comes with a bag of pop.

Now this is a pot pie, I really wonder if y’all have it. It’s a really flaky crust, with chicken and gravy and veggies inside.

US Versus UK KFC - @WatchKittyShrink/ TikTok@WatchKittyShrink/ TikTok

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Not only do us Brits miss out on a juicy pie, but we are also bereft of KFC ‘biscuits’, which are actually more like scones than biscuits.

‘I know you don’t have this. This is the KFC biscuit, the most important part of KFC in America,’ the woman explained.

However, like UK KFCs, the US has side orders of gravy, coleslaw and mash.

US V UK KFC - @WatchKittyShrink/ TikTok@WatchKittyShrink/ TikTok

The post has since amassed more than 60,000 likes, 3,000 comments and 2,000 shares, with users having flocked to the video in a heated debate over the US’s version of the menu. One quite rightly pointed out, ‘That’s not a biscuit, it’s a scone surely?’

Another wrote:

We don’t have the pie or IV bags of coke. Also all the packaging is paper not plastic. I’m curious as to what the teacakes are like.


A third commented, ‘British folk I know we like to be mean to the Americans but can we please not be mean to this lady she is SO sweet. They’re BISCUITS TO HER.’

The woman concluded the video by leaving followers even more baffled by an apparent revelation that her uncle is ‘Colonel Sanders himself’, despite her not being a fan of the chicken chain.

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