Vegan Ejaculates For ‘First Time In Months’ A Day After Eating Salmon

Vegan ejaculates after eating salmon@Timothy/YouTube

What we eat can affect many aspects of our lives, and this includes our sexual health.

With the right diet, it’s said we can enhance our libidos, strengthen our orgasms and – should we choose to – fill ourselves full of energy for a night of athletic mattress action.

For YouTuber Timothy Shieff, eating salmon and eggs after following a vegan lifestyle for years had erm, a truly explosive effect.

The first night after eating the salmon, the 30-year-old free-running world champion had a wet dream. Prior to this, he hadn’t ‘ejaculated in months’.

Whether this surprise night-time visitor was the result of his change in diet is uncertain, but Timothy appears pretty convinced it was the very fish which got his own swimmers moving…

In a video entitled Am I still Vegan? Shieff made the following announcement:

The first night after I had that salmon I had a wet dream – I hadn’t ejaculated in months. Ya know, just to be honest with everyone, that turned something on within my body.

I made the choice to go back to consuming animal products again. There is something natural in consuming animal products.

I have had to come to terms with that and make peace with that.

According to the eye opening website Eat Something Sexy, a nice Salmon dish could really help you get in the mood if you have an evening of romance planned, particularly for blokes:

Rich salmon is noted for supporting heart health, keeping your blood pumping and keeping the male organ primed for action. The oily fish’s DHA/EPA also strengthens your visual and mental acuity.

Of particular note to men, salmon is one of the finest natural sources available for selenium, a mineral necessary for sperm production.

A protein that improves your mood and creativity, gets your heart pumping and joints moving, helps you see in the dark and promotes sperm production? Now that’s a sexual superfood!

Of course, if you are practicing the vegan lifestyle, then there are still plenty of tasty and nutritious foods out there to enhance your sexual health.

Eat Something Sexy, also state watermelon can help with erectile dysfunction, while almonds can assist with the production of testosterone. Good old fashioned oats can work a trick when it comes to improving hormone levels.

Bon appétit!

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