Vile Bacon Sandwich Picture Prompts People To Share Their Traumatic Airplane Food Experiences

by : Julia Banim on : 23 Aug 2021 14:51
Vile Bacon Sandwich Picture Prompts People To Share Their Traumatic Airplane Food Experiences@lizzienugent/Twitter/@TopChucker

Airplane food is rarely known for being delicious, and to be honest I tend to just opt for a reliably satisfying mini pot of Pringles when flying, or else make sure to fill up with a breakfast at the airport.

However, a picture of a bacon sandwich has emerged that looks so vile I’d probably just bypass the middle man and slip it straight into the sick bag myself.


Shared on Twitter by author Liz Nugent, the sandwich appears to consist of three sparse bits of bacon tossed haphazardly between two halves of an unbuttered baguette.

Addressing her Twitter followers, Liz explained that her friend, Irish racing driver Aimee Woods, had purchased the underwhelming sandwich while aboard a Ryanair flight on August 20.

Revealing that the ‘lunch item’ had set Aimee back a fair €5.50 (£4.70), Liz said she was ‘trying to figure out if it qualifies’.


When you think of the array of tasty items you can get at Subway or Pret a Manger for this sort of price bracket, it’s enough to drive you to drink all the miniatures on the trolley cart.

Commenters were aghast with horror at the sight of the sorry sarnie, with one suggesting that ‘someone was hungry and ate most of the bacon first’. Another pondered whether it had been made by a vegan who hated their job.

Of course, Aimee is far from the only traveller to have been served slop at 30,000 feet, and soon others were sharing their own airborne dining disasters.


One commenter told of a ‘cold Cheese Croissant’ they were served by British Airways in June, a breakfast that they described as ‘appalling’. The accompanying photograph showed a unappetizing, plastic-looking square of cheese wedged between two halves of a cold croissant.

Another recalled a ‘horrible’ Thai curry they had during their last flight, which they described unappealingly as ‘some kind of long life, shelf stable thing that tastes artificial with a few lumps of chicken in a runny sauce’.

Another shuddered:

Been there… fallen for that So disappointing when you’ve spent what seems like an age waiting for service but you console yourself conjuring up the taste memory of fresh crispy bacon and bread soaked in delicious juices. But then the reality arrives.


Hopefully Aimee was able to enjoy a decent meal for herself upon landing.


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