Weird Zombie Fish Comes Back To Life After Being Cooked


Steak Tartare yes, sushi not a problem, but when it starts wriggling on my plate it needs longer in the oven.

In this stomach-churning video from China, the fish can be seen reacting to being prodded with chopsticks, even though the body has already been cut up and cooked.

The diner seems completely unconcerned by the movement on her plate and dives straight in during the video which was filmed at a restaurant in Yuexiu District, in the Chinese province of Guangzhou.

However, cases of meat springing back to life are not as uncommon as you’d think. Another video reveals a woman’s shock after the joint of meat she bought from a butcher starts pulsing and twitching.

The 20-second Youtube clip shows the slab of beef moving on the table top.

The woman said when she first saw it moving she thought it was full of maggots until she cut it open and realised there were no worms inside it.

I’ll just have a Greggs.