Wetherspoons Adds Halloumi Fries To Menu For Just £3

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 06 Aug 2018 14:13
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Wetherspoons knows how to treat customers right, right?


Though they may be a little late to the game – many of us have been munching on halloumi for some time now – the addition of halloumi fries to the Wetherspoons menu sees the hallowed cheese cement its rightful place in the canon of delicious grub.

Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a decent portion of fries with your drink, halloumi fries just take that classic up a notch.

And, as this is Wetherspoons we’re talking about, the price is going to be just as tasty as the snacks themselves – just £3.10 for a plate of the things.

Get that down your neck.


The halloumi fries are served with a sweet chill sauce, and a bit of rocket on the side for good measure. But more importantly, it’s fried halloumi, a snack fit for Guy Fieri himself.

I like how Spoons is thinking about its customers. Bar snacks need to be able to be eaten with just one hand while the other clutches your glass, alternating sips with bites of fried cheese.

However, if halloumi in the pub isn’t your bag, how about halloumi at home? I know, I know – we really spoil you.

Earlier this summer, Aldi launched its own halloumi burger slices, the latest in a range of vegetarian-inspired products for the season. But let’s be honest, though these will make delicious vegetarian alternatives, if you’re not a veggie these slices are going straight on top of a burger.

We all know burgers are the centrepieces of any good barbecue, and halloumi is just the ticket to take your culinary skills to the next level.

Aldi knows this, hence they’re selling packs of ‘smooth and tangy’ halloumi burger slices (each one containing four slices) for the frankly ridiculous (in a good way) price of £1.59.


The launch of the Aldi’s halloumi burgers comes off the back of their own halloumi fries which they launched on May 19 for just £1.99. Glorious, squeaky, cheesy fries of beauty, for less than two £1 coins. Perfect for this summer weather when you’re sitting on your garden deck chair, a beer in hand and your feet soaking in an inflatable pool.

Aldi Just Released £1.99 Halloumi Fries And They Look AmazingAldi Just Released £1.99 Halloumi Fries And They Look AmazingAldi

Aldi describe the little beauties as follows:

Inspired by a similar offering from popular Portuguese chicken eatery, Nando’s; Aldi’s Specially Selected Haloumi Fries are made with scrumptiously soft – and slightly salty – halloumi cheese from Cyprus and a lightly seasoned crispy coating making them the perfect side or snack for sharing.

And if you can picture yourself at your own summer barbecue, munching on halloumi, but feeling that a quick dip would elevate the situation perfectly, Aldi have got you sorted again.

The supermarket also has the perfect summer must-have in the form their Luxury Spa Pool hot tub which made a comeback last March.

It costs £279.99, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, with a 785-litre pool, 120 powerful air jets and a 2200W heater.

Summer is sorted.

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