Wetherspoons Food And Alcohol Price Slashed For Today Only


J D Wetherspoons pubs up and down the land are ladling out yet more food and drink discounts on this special day in protest of VAT laws.

If you like your beer cold, your Sky Sports on silent, your carpet crusty and your wallet full, today might just be your day, my friend.

The pub chain announced that its beacons of hope across England, Wales and Northern Ireland will reduce the price of all food and alcohol by 7.5 per cent.


The chain is backing Tax Equality Day which aims to highlight the benefit of a VAT reduction in the hospitality industry.

Currently pubs and restaurants have to charge 20 per cent VAT on any food or drink they sell whereas supermarkets pay zero on theirs.


In a statement, Wetherspoons chairman Tim Martin said:

We are proud to support the campaign to reduce the level of VAT in the pub industry. On Tax Equality Day, customers in our pubs will find the price of their drinks and food to be lower than normal.

We are keen to highlight the amount which customers would save, if VAT in pubs were lowered permanently. A reduction in the level of VAT, on a long-term basis, will generate growth and create jobs in the important leisure and hospitality sector.


Martin concluded: ‘Creating tax equality among pubs, restaurants and supermarkets will fulfil many government objectives.’

September 20 2017 will go down in pub history as the day cheap booze and food got a little cheaper.