White Chocolate Galaxy Bars Are Now On Sale

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Did you know there’s a white chocolate Galaxy bar you can now get your hands on?

Yep, not only do the choccie giants get their kicks with traditional milk chocolate but now, they’re using the white stuff too.

We’ve even got some pictures to prove it:

Kev's Snack Reviews

Bit weird, isn’t it? Doesn’t look right to me. God knows how it tastes.

Make that God and citizens of the United Arab Emirates, because this is the only place which flogs them. For now…


As per Galaxy’s website, it states:

Created to instantly melt in your mouth, the Galaxy White Chocolate is silk, smooth and deliciously creamy.

Galaxy White Chocolate is an indulgent treat that can be enjoyed with friends and family and a great way to get your sugar fix for the day. It also is perfect partner for some ‘me-time indulgence’. Undivide your attention.

Enjoy pure chocolate passion with Galaxy White …

Last year, Galaxy was voted the nation’s second favourite chocolate bar behind Dairy Milk.

However, start selling this white chocolate bad boy over here in the UK and things might pan out differently in future polls?

Speaking of novelty chocolate, the end of 2017 saw the release of Neapolitan ice cream M&M’s:

The sweets are a mixture of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours and each bag is packed with brown, cream and pink M&M’s in a nod to the look of the classic ice cream lovingly stocked in the freezers of parents and grandparents of summers past.

The new flavours have apparently been going down a storm since they were first released over in the US, but sadly they’re not yet available in the UK. Typical!

If you simply cannot contain your desperation to try them, you can snap up bags of them on Amazon or eBay.

Here’s hoping these too make their way to the UK in the not-so distant future.