Wilkos Are Selling Half Price Pick ‘N’ Mix All Bank Holiday Weekend

by : Francesca Donovan on : 27 May 2018 10:58
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Mighty Wilkos has given you exactly what you didn’t know you needed to sweeten up your bank holiday: What else but half price pick ‘n’ mix sweets?


The Great British high street giant – font of all things useful and fairly priced – has really pulled out all the stops to make sure we all have a great extended hangover this weekend.

Because nothing goes with a bank holiday like sugar cravings.

To coincide with the bank holiday weekend, the retailer is flogging sweeties – from sherbert drops to lolly pops – for 45p per 100g.


A treat cup will set you back just 50p – and perhaps some tooth decay – rather than a quid.

An extra-large cup – which the generous folk over at Wilko claim is ‘for sharing’ – is on offer for £2. So you can split it with ‘your mate’ with whom you’re definitely, definitely going to share.

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Whatever your poison – fizzy cola bottles, fried eggs, pink shrimps, jelly snakes – there’s a discounted e number out there for you.

The offer is only available in stores, presumably because no one buys pick ‘n’ mix online. To find out where your nearest store is and to get you hyped up on sugar, click here.

Wilko has confirmed the deal will run through the bank holiday, after one Twitter sweetie sleuth asked the question everyone was thinking.

Thanks @sharononeil2004, you’ve really had everyone’s back here:


Wilkos were quick to deliver the good news, replying:

Hi Sharon, Half price pick n mix is on from the 25.05 to the 29.05

They signed off with ‘Kind Regards’, really going the extra mile.

Meanwhile, for your M&M’s craving, the company recently released Neopolitan flavoured sweets:

Just like everyone’s favourite childhood summertime ice cream, the sweets are a mixture of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours.

Each bag is packed with brown, cream and pink M&M’s in a nod to the look of the classic ice cream, lovingly stocked in the freezers of parents and grandparents of summers past.

The new flavours have apparently been going down a storm since they were first released over in the US, but sadly they’re not yet available in the UK.

Currently, they’re only available in the US and Australia, however, if you simply cannot contain your desperation to try them, you can snap up bags of them on Amazon or eBay.


Meanwhile, if you prefer your sweetie shopping to be done face-to-face – try before you buy, if you like – Wilkos are here for you.

Needless to say, the consumers are pretty chuffed with Wilko’s half price pick ‘n’ mix deal:


One man – who goes by Deeky – was so overjoyed he actually left a comment on the Hot UK Deals page, saying:

I prefer the nuts/bolts/screws pick and mix. They are great value. I get all excited trying to squeeze one last hook into the bag and still be able to close it.

Don’t we all, Deeky, don’t we all. Now, go forth and grab a scoop! Just remember to floss and brush your teeth, jelly heads!

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