Woman Complains After Being Charged £2.50 For Seven Chips

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Chips are cheap. Pretty much everywhere, at any time. Whether you’re in Durham or Dubai, it’s a safe bet chips will always be the cheapest option on a food menu. And you’re guaranteed to get a decent portion for that price.

Well, at least until now.

You see, one woman recently spent £2.50 on a side of chips – bad enough – but, but, there were only seven of the buggers.

Leanne Williams recently walked out of The Clock Face Pub and Restaurant in St Helens, Merseyside and slapped it with a damning one-star review after being served the measly plate.

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She said:

It was like something out of Fawlty Towers, I couldn’t believe it.

The meal was served on a small side plate with seven or eight chips on it – it looked like a doll-sized portion of food.

It was £5.50 for the burger and £2.50 for seven chips, I couldn’t believe it.

When I saw the reply I just thought ‘what a cheeck.’ I was a bit shocked by it and I thought it was disgusting.

Mercury Press

Boss Jamie Fildes replied on the work account that he saw eight chips. Leanne was not best pleased.

He later apologised, saying:

It was a daft, flippant comment which was satirical and meant to be banter and wasn’t meant to cause any offence.

One the pre-order it said it was a kid’s meal. Ideally they should have said something along the lines of ‘you have messed up here and given us a child’s portion’, and it could have been sorted straight away.

It’s not a fair comment to make as our portions are big.


Christ. Who knows who’s right or wrong? Who’s the one telling porkies?

I guess the take-away from this is never go near the Clock Face if you’re a fan of chips (sorry Clock Face).