Woman Discovers ‘Rusty Nail’ In Her Breakfast From Pret A Manger

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Woman Discovers 'Rusty Nail' In Her Breakfast From Pret A Manger@RosieCollingto/Twitter/Alamy

It’s rough enough being up so early that you’ve got to have breakfast on the go, but it’s even worse if your breakfast happens to have something rusty in it – just ask this poor Twitter user.

Rosie Collington shared some grim-looking snaps of her Pret A Manger breakfast, with her order given a bit of an extra bite by the appearance of a rusty nail in the middle of it.


As the images show, Rosie’s morning pastry does indeed have one telltale error: what appears to be a nail poking out of the filling. She captioned the tweet with a message aimed at Pret, writing, ‘not sure how to feel about the fact there was literally a rusty nail in my @Pret brekkie this morning guess it’s a reminder of where this stuff gets made’.

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Pret’s social media manager was quick to pick up the complaint and replied: ‘Oh no! we’re so sorry and concerned to hear this, Rosie. Can you send us a DM confirming which shop this was purchased from so we can look into this?’

By that point, however, people were already noticing. One commenter tweeted: ‘Absolutely f****d it guys. You need to be writing a cheque prontoooooo….’


Meanwhile, another added: ‘that’s gotta be worth a free coffee, surely’.


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While a third, noting Rosie’s job as a researcher, quipped: ‘My understanding is that rosie’s hourly research rate is around £5000 and this caused her at least half a day (4.5 hours) of distress. if you were looking for an appropriate repsonse.’

Rosie was quick to defend the staff at the store she’d bought her breakfast from, pointing out it was clearly an error made in the manufacturing process rather than by the sales staff.


She wrote: ‘want to be clear this is an issue with the manufacturing process – probably employees are too squeezed to do proper quality control across the chain, otherwise someone would have spotted it.

‘The staff at the store were amazing and also very shocked. just glad i spotted it’, she added.

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