Woman Gets Vegan Sausage Roll Tattoo To Declare Herself A Greggs Superfan

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Woman Gets Vegan Sausage Roll Tattoo To Declare Herself A Greggs SuperfanSWNS

We all love a Greggs, don’t we? However, this woman has earned the right to call herself a ‘superfan’ with her vegan sausage roll tattoo. 

Do you remember your first sausage roll, or the first time you felt the scalding pain of a fresh steak bake on the roof of your mouth? Probably not, I don’t either – what I can tell you, is that I absolutely love Greggs. Nothing hits the lunchtime mark quite like it.


Beth Kweeday, a 23-year-old tattoo apprentice from Liverpool, clearly feels similarly. More specifically, she favours the vegan sausage roll, and in order to properly illustrate her affection, she’s got a banging tattoo.


‘All my colleagues in the tattoo shop have a running joke about how often I buy food from Greggs,’ Beth said. Apparently, she visits the bakery several times a day.

Her colleague Rachel Baldwin, 35, whom she works alongside at Brass tattoo studio, claims Beth visits Greggs around five times a day. ‘She loves all the vegan options they have so I suggested we solidify her love,’ she said.

Beth's sausage roll tattoo. (SWNS)SWNS

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Rachel jokingly suggested the tattoo after noticing her lunch habits. However, it soon became a reality, with Beth sitting down for an hour to get her Greggs ink on October 21.

‘When Rachel suggested the tattoo, I was on board straight away – a lot of my tattoos are quite serious so it’s good to have a jokey one too. I definitely wouldn’t say no to another Greggs tattoo – it’s opened a door for me now. It’s safe to say I’m a Greggs superfan,’ she said.

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