Woman Has Her Fudge Recipe Printed On Headstone

by : Emily Brown on : 28 May 2021 10:53
Woman Has Her Fudge Recipe Printed On HeadstoneFind A Grave

Some recipes are so good that everyone in the world deserves to know who’s behind them, and when it comes to Kathryn Andrews’ homemade fudge, her gravestone makes it impossible to forget. 

Kathryn is buried alongside her husband, Wade, at Logan Cemetery in Utah, but her name has become known across the globe thanks to images shared online of her tombstone, which, alongside her birth and death dates, features the unusual addition of her fudge recipe.


The mother, who went by ‘Kay’, is said to have ‘really loved people’ and whipped up a batch of her homemade fudge to offer out whenever people got together, according to her daughter, Janice Johnson.

Wade and Kay hugging (Fox 13 News)Fox 13 News

Kay, who grew up in Salt Lake City, met Wade at a church function in New York City before a whirlwind engagement during World War II. They married on December 18, 1944, and stayed together until Wade passed away in 2000.

The widow helped select symbols to represent Wade to feature on the headstone the couple now share, and when her children suggested she also be represented, she decided to share her fudge recipe on the headstone even before she passed.


A slight blunder with a typo in the first version of the headstone called for the recipe to include one tablespoon of vanilla, rather than a teaspoon, which would have resulted in ‘runny fudge’ for anyone attempting to recreate Kay’s recipe. The mistake has since been corrected, and Kay’s recipe is now perfectly persevered on the stone.

In 2019, at the age of 97, Kay passed away, but Fox 13 News reports she was aware of the growing popularity of the recipe-clad headstone before her passing, and was pleased it brought a smile to so many.

The fudge recipe is just a small insight to the incredible lives led by both Kay and her husband, who had time for just one date before Wade left for the war. A painting dubbed ‘Salt Lake Katie’ featured on Wade’s B-24 bomber during his service, and when his duties were over, he travelled to Salt Lake City to ask Kay to marry him.


Janice commented: ‘Took her to the Capitol steps and gave her the diamond and they were married 18 days later.’

Old photo of Wade and Kay (Fox 13 News)Fox 13 News

Together the couple had five children and throughout their marriage they moved around the country before settling down in Logan, Utah.

Janice described her mother as a woman who always looked out for others – evident in the fact she wants everyone to be able to make good fudge. Beneath the recipe, the gravestone reads: ‘Wherever she goes, there’s laughter.’


Thanks to the gravestone, Wade, Kay and the fudge recipe will live on forever in both people’s minds, hearts and kitchens.

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