Woman Sues KFC for £16 Million Because Bucket Wasn’t Filled To The Top

by : UNILAD on : 23 Oct 2016 10:24

In the UK, you just tell your waitress if your bucket doesn’t contain the standard number of pieces, and if it does, you just enjoy them…


…Only in America would someone think to actually sue KFC for providing the advertised number of pieces of their special recipe chicken, but for simply not being exactly how they were expecting.

That’s right, Anna Wurtzburger, from New York, says she bought the $20 (£16) bucket of chicken over the summer, and was shocked when she got home and it did not resemble the buckets in the advert, the Metro reports.


So the grandma, who lives off benefits, is now seeking £16,352,562 ($20 million) in damages.


Now, I think as a rule we tend to accept that adverts are created to market the chicken in the best possible light.

I never expect Jenny in KFC Manchester to create a golden glistening bucket, almost glowing with flavour, or to place the mayonnaise and lettuce in my Zinger burger as perfectly as the photo.


Anna, 64,  told the New York Post:

I came home and said, “Where’s the chicken?” I thought I was going to have a couple of meals.

You get half a bucket! That’s false advertising, and it doesn’t feed the whole family. They’re small pieces!

Absolutely fuming at her standard piece bucket, Anna rang their headquarters in Georgia and was told the chicken was portrayed prominently on the commercial ‘so that the public could see the chicken.’

Taking none of it, she replied ‘If you want the public to look at your chicken, put it in a dish. It’s a lot of BS. … I expect to get what you’re telling me.’


Somehow, despite being on benefits, she has hired a lawyer and filed a lawsuit suing for ‘damages’ and demanding KFC change its advertising.

It looks to me as if she ate a bucket of KFC chicken, probably really enjoyed it and now wants $20 million because it didn’t look exactly like the advert.

How can she be suing for damages? No damage is done to the person enjoying KFC, if anything the chickens should be suing.

This has just made me slightly annoyed, but mainly really fucking hungry.

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