Woman Who Relocated To UK Says Americans Would Be Shocked By What Brits Eat For Breakfast

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Woman Who Relocated To UK Says Americans Would Be Shocked By What Brits Eat For Breakfast@yorkshire_peach/TikTok

A woman who describes herself as a ‘Yorkshire peach’ has opened up about how the classic English breakfast would shock Americans after she relocated to the UK. 

Brits have access to a whole range of typical breakfast foods to kick off their day, with some opting for some simple cereal while others go for something more indulgent, like a bacon sandwich slathered in red or brown sauce.


Now, I’ve watched enough American television to know that there are many similarities between what people on either side of the Atlantic might have for breakfast, with teenagers often scoffing some form of coco pops or grabbing a piece of toast before running for the yellow bus to high school.

Coco pops (Alamy)Alamy

However, the ‘English breakfast’ obviously has its name for a reason, and after moving from Georgia to Yorkshire the American TikToker who goes by the handle @yorkshirepeach has made clear that the classic full fry up would confuse our friends across the pond.

Addressing her followers, she commented: ‘OMG, if they saw the mushrooms, the tomatoes, the baked beans, all of this, the full English, they would absolutely flip out.’


Notably, it’s the vegetables included in the English breakfast the TikToker hones in on, so it seems clear that Americans wouldn’t have a problem with the bacon, sausage and eggs that come alongside all the somewhat more ‘healthy’ elements. If my experience with US dining has taught me anything, though, it’s that many would probably just expect pancakes, waffles and syrup to accompany them, instead.

See the video below:


One viewer admitted they, in return, were baffled by what Americans have been known to eat for breakfast, writing: ‘I’ve always been super freaked out watching American TV where they eat doughnuts and cake for breakfast?? idk if that’s real or not but its crazy.’


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Breakfast isn’t all that would confuse Americans, though, with the TikToker then turning her attention to other strange experiences she’s had in the UK, such as queuing for McDonald’s.

English breakfast (Pixabay)Pixabay

She explained: ‘Next, the queues at McDonald’s. I don’t know about your McDonald’s, but my [local] McDonald’s stays lit, and by lit I mean on fire, people wrapped around the building, and y’all wait. Nah. The Americans would not wait in that queue, do you hear me?… They would drive two blocks down to the next McDonald’s, because that’s how it is there.’

Finally, the American honed in on the British driving test, describing English drivers as akin to ‘NASCAR drivers’ and noting that she took her driving test ‘in a parking lot in the States’, as opposed to having a stringent test along UK streets.


Obviously there’s a lot of differences between the culture of England versus America, but while chocolate chip pancakes make a good treat, I personally won’t be giving up baked beans any time soon.

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