Woman’s £30 Meal Has Left People Shocked And Confused

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 28 Aug 2021 17:35
Woman's £30 Meal Has Left People Shocked And Confused@raveen__x/Twitter

People have been left shocked and confused over a woman’s meal, which despite it’s appearance, cost a whopping £30. 

If you go out for a fancy meal, you normally expect to get your money’s worth. However, this woman, upon purchasing a meal at iconic London building the Shard, was not only left with little on her plate and little in her pocket, but a confused reaction from the internet.


The meal was bought as a main course, and has left other social media users baffled over not only the measly portion size, but what the food on her plate actually is.

General view of The Shard in the distance, seen from an apartment in Clapham, London. - Kieran Cleeves/EMPICS EntertainmentPA

R, known as @raveen__x, took to Twitter to share a picture of the meal, alongside a heart eyes emoji in the caption. She stated: ‘Guys look at my £30 meal i got at the shard’.

The post has since amassed thousands of likes, retweets and comments, with other Twitter users flocking to respond in confusion as to what the food on the plate actually is. One said: ‘I’d rather eat grass’.


Another commented:

You were robbed! What on earth was it? Looks like half a stuffed sprout, some dry toast and a blob of hp sauce.

A third wrote: ‘I thought that was a jacket potato before I saw the comments’.


The Twitter user has since revealed that the mystery main meal was in fact a chicken breast, and that the fries cost a whole £5 extra.


While other followers posted photos of their own experiences at the Shard, with some tasty (but undoubtedly expensive) looking treats, I think I’ll skip this one particular meal and just stick to McDonald’s.

Give me a chicken mayo from the 99p saver menu any day over some barely distinguishable, £30 piece of ‘chicken’. With that amount of sauce too? Absolutely criminal.

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@raveen__x / Twitter
  1. @raveen__x / Twitter

    guys look at my £30 meal i got at the shard