World’s Largest Snickers Bar Unveiled In Texas

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 21 Jan 2020 11:04
World's Largest Snickers Bar Unveiled In TexasPA Images

Three weeks into the ‘new year, new me’ diet, the majority of us are out here craving some sort of sweet treat on a ginormous scale. I’m talking, like, all the chocolate.

Oh, now might be a good time to tell you the world’s largest Snickers bar has just been created, weighing in at more than 2.3 tons – roughly the same as an adult rhinoceros – and measuring 2ft high and 26in wide.


The Guinness Book of World Records has now officially declared Texas as home to the world’s largest Snickers bar, which has got to be up there with life’s greatest achievements.

Check it out here:


Just to put into context how massive this nutty chocolate bar is, it is the size of 43,000 normal Snickers combined, according to KWKT.


Guinness World Records adjudicator Michael Empric told the station:

This is incredibly impressive. Some of my favorite record categories are big food because it has to be edible and it is also an engineering feat, so to get a 5,000lb bar of chocolate to stay together is really challenging.

The ridiculously big confection was made at the Mars Wrigley plant in Waco, where a whole host of wonderful sweet treats are produced. In fact, the plant deems itself as one of the biggest producers of sweets such Snickers, M&Ms and Skittles.

World's Largest Snickers Bar Unveiled In TexasPA Images

But where did the idea for the huge chocco come from? Well, because apparently ‘everything is bigger in Texas’. While you might assume the record-setting chocolate bar was a long time in the making, the idea actually only came into fruition two weeks ago, and the bar took just one week to complete.

Snickers value manager Ruud Engbers told KWKT:

This bar that we made in the last week absolutely is the (sum) of, I think, what you could call, ‘Everything is bigger in Texas’. Because it’s the biggest Snickers bar ever made.

It’s the largest chocolate nut bar ever made in the world.

Mars has also said the world record is a teaser for the Snickers Super Bowl commercial, which will be sent to air on Sunday, February 2.

World's Largest Snickers Bar Unveiled In TexasPA Images

A Mars spokesperson said:

So, what’s great about this record is that the factory workers here don’t normally have the opportunity to do something on this scale.

They make a product everyone loves and eats on a daily basis, but to do it on the scale and to really go and do something above and beyond is really inspiring.

The ginormous chocolate is being broken down and given to Mars employees, so looks like the rest of us will have to stick to our measly regular Snickers for now.


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