You Can Buy A 21-Scoop Ice Cream From This Shop In New York

21 scoop ice creamstuffedicecreamnyc/Instagram

Prepare for brain freeze…

You can now buy a 21-scoop ice cream with more flavours than Craig David can shake a stick at.

While the shop are marketing the so-called ice cream bouquets to replace the traditional Valentine’s Day flowers, frankly, you won’t be needing a curated commercialised excuse in the form of a silly holiday to try out the delicacy.

Stuffed Ice Cream in Manhattan’s East Village sells the 19-scoop sweet treat to its hungry customers for $50 a pop.

You can also get a 7-scoop option as well as a 21-scoop bouquet if you’re feeling particularly flamboyant and you think the roof of your mouth can handle it.

They even designed a triple cone concoction which can hold 70 scoops of the cold stuff.

But with great scoops of money comes great responsibility. Of course, I’m talking about the anxiety-inducing task of choosing ice cream flavours.

There are many. Take a deep breath because here they all are: Andes Peppermint; Berry Shortcake; Black Sesame; Cookie Monster; Cinnamon Toast Crunch; Fruity Pebbles; Matcha; Red Velvet; Cookie Dough Crumble; Rice Krispies; Rocky Road; Royal Milk Tea; Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel; Strawberry Cheesecake; Thai Iced Tea; Vanilla; Vanilla Swiss Almond; Vietnamese Coffee, and White Chocolate Lavender.

If that’s not enough to give you brain freeze or early diabetes, I don’t know what is.

Food bloggers and hungry people with a sweet tooth have been flocking to the company ever since it opened in July 2017 and their creations have proven to be a hit on Instagram. The pretty cones have also inspired other seasonal hot takes on treats.

In October, Stuffed Ice Cream served up a special Halloween version of the delicacy, turning orange scoops of the frozen treat into mini pumpkins.

At Christmas, they used their ice cream scoopers to make the perfect triple-balled snowmen and women much to the delight of customers. Presumably, the yellow ‘snow’ in this case was custard-flavoured.

They also sell something called a cruff, which the website describes as a ‘perfectly toasted, glazed donut stuffed with your ice cream flavour and toppings of choice’. In other words, it’s three slices of heaven.

For bigger parties they do a whole cake made entirely out of ice cream – with not an ounce of sponge in sight – which serves between 10 and 13 people and can be customised to your tastes.

Saying that, the good people at Stuffed Ice Cream do suggest the serving sizes of the ice cream bouquets are a bit too large for one person, so sharing is recommended… Amateurs.

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