You Can Get Most Of The Oscars After-Party Booze At Your Local Supermarket


The glitz and glam of the Oscars is undoubtedly exciting, but what happens when the creme de la creme get together after the ceremony to drink, eat and party?

Well, let’s just say the event will make your average Sunday night look pathetic.

Wondering what your silver screen celebs are nibbling on while you’re getting an early night and dreading work in the morning? Gold, pretty much.


The menu for this year’s 89th Annual Academy Awards Governors Ball – the official post-Oscars party – was revealed just before the ceremony, and it looks insane.

Speaking to Food Steez, Wolfgang Puck spoke about his 23rd consecutive year of catering the star-studded event.

On the menu? Guests stuffed their faces with sushi, black truffle short ribs, and smoked salmon ‘Oscars’ with cavier:

Food Steez

They also nibbled on mini kobe beef burgers and lobster tacos:

Food Steez

And a variety of small treats including gold-dusted truffled popcorn, parmesan crisps with filet mignon and chocolate Oscars covered in 24-karat-gold:

Food Steez

But while the menu makes your supermarket pizza look like a pile of trash, the Oscars drink menu was comparably, well… pretty shit.

As photographed by reporter Chris Gardner, who attended the after party, you can buy most of the drinks offered to A-list guests at your local supermarket.

On the menu? Sauvignon blanc worth $24 (£19) a bottle. The expensive-sounding champagne Piper-Heidsieck is worth a mere £30 – and you can get it at Sainsbury’s.

Twitter/Chris Gardner

As for the spirits, Ciroc Vodka and Johnnie Walker Black is worth £38 and £28 respectively at your local Tesco. While Zacapa Rum and Don Julio Blanco seem to be the menu’s more expensive drinks – you can get both at John Lewis for around £45.

For most of us on a budget, those sound pretty damn expensive compared to £5 boxed wine.

Being the Oscars, you’d think they’d splash the cash a little more on their A-list guests. But when its intended purpose is to get you drunk, is anyone really complaining?