You Can Now Buy A Full English Breakfast In A Yorkshire Pudding


Two of the most quintessentially British delicacies are finally coming together in a collaboration which seems long overdue.

That’s right, the synergy of a full English breakfast and the much-loved Yorkshire pudding has finally been concocted.

A cafe in Manchester is now selling the mother of all fry-ups by putting a full plate of eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans and hash browns in a giant Yorkshire pudding. Wow, just imagine all those clogged up arteries.

I’ll be honest, nothing beats a good fry-up in the morning – especially after a wild one the night before, it’s the perfect cure for a hangover. On the flipside – at the risk of reigniting the North vs South wars – it’s my personal opinion Yorkshire puddings are a tad overrated.

I’ve only ever had one Yorkshire pudding in my life so far and let’s just say it was severely underwhelming. I once described it as a glorified potato, much to the horror of one of my editors, who’s a proud Yorkshireman. It’s my pure East London roots, I can’t help it.

However, the Porky Pig cafe on Cooper Street, in Manchester may just change my mind. They specialise in carvery meats as well as sandwiches and fry-ups. According to the Manchester Evening News, they’re the geniuses behind the full English Yorkshire pudding.

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During last year’s Christmas market, their Yorkshire pudding wraps sold like hotcakes and caused massive queues outside their stalls.

Their latest concoction features beans, mushrooms, bacon, grilled tomato, sausage, a fried egg and a hash brown, all served inside a giant Yorkshire pudding. The best part is, you get your value for money as it only costs £5.50! What more could you ask for?

Speaking to the MEN, Porky Pig owner Eddie Osman said:

The response has been mental. I don’t want to see another sausage ever again.

If that isn’t enough to placate your desire for a full English, maybe Morrisons’ Big Daddy Breakfast will appease that stomach of yours.

Launched in May this year, the mega 19 piece breakfast includes three rashers of bacon, three sausages, three hash browns, two half slices of fried bread, two fried eggs, two half tomatoes, two black puddings, baked beans and mushrooms.

Oh yeah, and it’s £6. You can barely get two flat whites for that!

morrisons big daddy breakfastMorrisons

The new breakfast has eight more items than Morrisons’ standard size breakfast, and is said to be ‘double the size’ of most other supermarket café fry-ups, according to The Sun.

Still here?

Helen Tordoff from Morrisons said:

Our standard cooked breakfast is one of our most popular meals on the menu, but customers have asked for one that’s even bigger.

The ‘Big Daddy Breakfast’ is an excellent choice for customers with a big appetite.

english breakfastmr_dannyjones/Instagram

A big appetite indeed. I wonder if they’ll wrap up the leftovers for you just in case you don’t make it to the end?

For the more health-conscious though, if you’re thinking of sticking with your usual bowl of cereal in the morning, you might want to think again.

A study has found pizza is actually a healthier breakfast option compared to most cereals.

Everyone loves a bit of cold pizza after a heavy night, right? Normally it’s a guilty pleasure, but now it’s been found to be a better alternative to most cereals thanks to – you guessed it – sugar content.

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