You Can Now Buy Canned Pickle Juice So You Don’t Have To Drink From The Jar

by : Lucy Connolly on : 06 Aug 2019 12:23
Pickle juice in cansPickle juice in cansGordy's

Have you ever been sitting on your bed after a heavy night, feeling a tad dehydrated and just thought to yourself, ‘I know what I need, a jar of pickles’?

‘Scratch that, I need a jar of pickles that has been emptied of its contents entirely, save for the delicious pickle juice at the bottom which I can then drink to my heart’s content’.


No? Me neither. The demand is apparently there though, because it’s now possible to buy canned pickled juice – without the pickles, on its own – so you no longer have to slum it and drink from the jar.

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What a revelation, ey? The juice in question comes from pickle company Gordy’s, who recently launched their very own ‘Fine Brine’ canned pickle juice.

The company is marketing the product as a drink ingredient, which they describe as a ‘great addition to your next cocktail’. To truly drive this home, the words ‘for cocktails’ are emblazoned across the drink in capital letters.


Clearly, I’m not a cocktail connoisseur because the thought of putting pickle juice in a cocktail is just sending me under. Some things should just be left sacred, shouldn’t they?

According to the experts though (see here, here, and here), pickle juice is the perfect addition to alcohol because the salt and water in it naturally combat the dehydrating effect of alcohol. Not only that, but apparently pickle juice is proven to soothe muscle cramps, boost vitamins and help with weight loss.

Pickle juice in cans Pickle juice in cans Gordy's

Who knew? But forget about the health benefits for a moment and let’s focus on the most important thing – that the salty taste of pickle juice enhances the flavour of many cocktails. Think: Bloody Maries, Picklebacks, Pickle Juice Margaritas, Dill Pickle Martinis, the list goes on.


The Fine Brine drink is currently being sold as a package deal, with four cans costing $16 (approximately £13) – which makes me think maybe it would be cheaper to just buy the pickle jar and drink around them?

Gordy’s website describes its pickle juice as the ‘perfect balance of salty, tangy, and sweet,’ adding that the cocktail addition is best served cold.

But don’t worry if you don’t want a cocktail; even if you’re not fancying an alcoholic beverage at this moment in time but still have a craving for the pickle juice (because why wouldn’t you?), you can enjoy the refreshing drink on its own if that’s what you want.

Gordys pickle juiceGordys pickle juiceGordy's

Whatever tickles your pickle, hey?

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