You Can Now Get A Deep-Fried Chocolate Orange

deep fried chocolate orangeAdam's Bay/Facebook

Christmas is fast approaching, meaning it won’t be long until many of us are pulling out a Terry’s Chocolate Orange from our stockings.

Unable to wait until December, Terry’s Chocolate Orange fans, Adam’s Bay, a fish and chip shop in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, have created their own twist on the classic sweet treat – a deep-fried one.

Honestly, I’m not sure if that sounds like the best or worst thing ever?

Absolutely sublime. Flying out since we opened the doors. Try one today. Available in our Adam’s Bay Take Away and…

Posted by Adam's Bay on Monday, 1 October 2018

The eatery asked customers for suggestions of what new dish the shop should try next, and the answer was a deep-fried chocolate orange.

Among the other popular options were battered mince pies, a battered yule log, and a battered Christmas pudding.

I’m sensing a deep-fried theme here!

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Posted by Adam's Bay on Sunday, 7 October 2018

When shop workers tried the deep-fried chocolate orange they knew immediately they were onto a winner.

Owner, Helena Papadamou, told Lincolnshire Live why, saying:

We basically put a vote out on our Facebook page to decide what customers wanted battered this Christmas.

Items included mince pies, Christmas pudding and yule log but one big suggestion which came through was the Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

We tried it and it was sublime so we decided to make it our novelty item for Christmas.

It’s definitely more of a sharer. When we tried it, we broke it into segments each and the middle just oozed out all melted. It was very gooey too.

Forget sharing, if I’m getting one, it’ll be all for me!

While Helen emphasises ‘you can eat it however you like’, you can get one to take away for £4 and add ice cream for an extra £1.

In the restaurant the orange and ice cream dessert will cost you £5.50 which isn’t bad for something you may never get a chance to eat again.

She added it’s interesting seeing how people attempt to tackle eating the treat:

We have not seen anyone pick it up and bite straight into it yet, but if you want to you can. You could use a knife and fork or whatever makes it easier for you.

Since we started selling them we have sold 18 and it’s all gone quite insane really.

One morning as soon as we opened, someone had driven all the way from Lincoln and ordered four of the battered chocolate oranges.

They’re clearly a fan of Terry’s Chocolate Orange then!

Want to try the Taste Sensation hitting the North.Come along to Adam’s Bay today and but the Battered Terry’s…

Posted by Adam's Bay on Thursday, 4 October 2018

While the dessert is certainly one which will divide people, many have been leaving positive reviews on Adam’s Bay’s Facebook page.

One reviewer, Tracey Coombes, said she enjoyed hers, writing:

Had one yesterday nom nom but back to the diet.

deep fried chocolate orangeAdam's Bay/Facebook

Another, Julie Wynn was equally enthusiastic:

They are delicious, best yet!!

deep fried chocolate orangeAdam's Bay/Facebook

And Nicky Thomas said she was rather taken aback by how nice the battered chocolate orange was, writing:

We do get spoilt at Adams Bay! Battered choc orange and mince pies are surprisingly nice!!

deep fried chocolate orangeAdam's Bay/Facebook

I wonder what they’ll do next year!

To find out more about the deep-fried chocolate orange, you can visit the Adam’s Bay website.

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