You Can Now Get A Toblerone Ice Cream


One of the many, many amazing things about ice cream is how versatile it is.

From horseradish to wasabi hot pea, there’s an icy flavour to tickle even the most particular of taste buds.

Yet as summer glimmers on the horizon, it’s time to figure out which frosty, creamy delights will be cooling us down as the temperatures – ever so slightly rise…


Swiss chocolate giant Toblerone has gained something of a cult following over the years, despite its intimidatingly sharp shape.

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to live the Toblerone life – you can buy colossal one metre Toblerones for around a squillion quid and can even enjoy alternate flavours such as SnowTop and Crispy Coconut.

Now you can even grab a Toblerone ice cream from your local supermarket freezer; as chilly and as thrilling as a bracing walk in the Swiss Alps.

Tesco are selling these naughty sticks for three quid – for a pack of three – with all those toothsome notes of honey, almond and nougat present and correct.

Of course, these ice creams come in the iconic triangular shape and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I mean, just try and imagine this treat confined to your regulation oval or rectangle shape. Impossible.

The ice cream itself is chocolate and honey flavoured, encased in a milk chocolate shell and bejewelled with fragments of almond nougat and even more honey. Scrumdiddlyumptious indeed.

We already know this signature combination to be a winning recipe, but just imagine how refreshing this would be in your back garden when the sun starts to peek out.

Honey fiends are naturally swooning at this oh-so-sweet news, giving into triangle temptation.

One person mused: ‘I might order 2 million of these and keep them just for myself’, while another addict confessed: ‘Woke up needing Toblerone ice cream…demons of FAT have started so early… Good morning world!!!’

So unfold your deck chair, slip on your flip flops and let the fresh mountain air sweep across your tongue.

I’d advise staying indoors for the time being though…