You Can Now Get A Wedding Bouquet Made Entirely Of Pizza

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Traditionally, a wedding bouquet is for the bride and later, desperate singletons who believe it’ll bring them good fortune – i.e. they’ll be the ones getting married next year.


I have no interest in catching a bouquet at a wedding, and for two good reasons. Number one, this type of tradition is usually reserved for female guests only, and number two, I’ve seen how vicious bouquet catching gets, and I do not want any of that smoke.

However, I may have to reconsider this mantra after an Italian restaurant chain in America have created the Pizza Bouquet.

I love pizza and I can never say no to a pepperoni and cheese pizza – especially if it’s a stuffed crust. I’m willing to make some enemies at a wedding and dirty my rented tuxedo to get my grubby mitts on one of these things.


According to the BBC, the idea was cooked up by Villa Italian Kitchen, who started their business in New York.

They created these eccentric bouquets for couples looking to tie the knot while the delicious aroma of cheese and sourdough fills the air.

As you can tell by the pictures, they’ve posted on their social media account about the bouquets, which are made from dough, tomatoes, cheese and pepperoni, all neatly designed into flower-like shapes.

Villa Italian Kitchen’s floral game even extended their gimmick to pizza buttonholes, so grooms can chow down on their wedding attire too – a nice distraction tactic if you have any last minute nerves before you sign your life away.

Unfortunately, it was a limited offer deal. But it didn’t stop people on social media gushing over it.

Some even considered tying the knot just so they could get their hands on it.


One person on Twitter wrote:


At least SOMEONE got the dream wedding of 12-year old me. Respect.

Another person was so infatuated with the idea he said:

I might get divorced and remarried just to eat this.

One guy began making plans to get remarried after he saw the Villa Italian Kitchen pizza bouquet, stating:

I would ddd this to the list of things I would do differently if I had a wedding do-over.

However, not everyone was sold on the idea. One unimpressed person wrote:

If anyone plans on having a pizza bouquet in their wedding my invitation is getting lost in the mail.


In other pizza related news, one cheeky fella asked Pizza Hut to ‘send nudes’ in his delivery instructions and they had the perfect response!

24-year-old Tyler Torrey from Seward, Alaska, was staying at a hotel at the end of May and decided to order some pizza to his room from the local hut.

For a laugh, in the ‘delivery instructions’ box online, Tyler simply typed ‘send nudes’ to see if he got a response.

Well, he did!

pizza hut nudes tyler torreypizza hut nudes tyler torreyUNILAD

In addition to the pizza he’d ordered, Tyler received a plain one – no tomato sauce, no cheese and no toppings – a nude pizza!

A member of staff had even written inside the box ‘one nude pizza sent’ followed by a cheeky winking face.

pizza hut nudes tyler torreypizza hut nudes tyler torreyUNILAD

Tyler couldn’t believe the response, and exclusively told UNILAD:

The delivery driver said nothing and neither did I. I expected nothing to happen when I said ‘send nudes’, I thought the person reading it would scoff at best and be offended at worst.

The last thing I expected was an actual effort by Pizza Hut to take my joke a step further. I’ve never written funny notes in the instructions before. I laughed for a good five minutes.

The dough was free and I actually ate half of it. I thought they may have charged me for two pizzas, but nope!

Ask and you shall receive Tyler.

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    You can now get a wedding bouquet made entirely out of pizza