You Can Now Get A Yorkshire Pudding Pizza And All Our Dreams Are Answered


Many of you might have thought the Yorkshire pudding could never be improved. 

I did. But then at around 11/12 I was introduced to the giant Yorkshire pudding. One big bowl of cooked batter stuffed with veg and gravy. Then I thought, ‘OK, now the Yorkshire pudding cannot be improved.’

Looking at this Yorkshire pudding pizza, I’m not sure how to react. I pizza, and I love Yorkshire puddings. But together?

Take a look for yourself:


It seems to have gone down a treat with social media users, with some calling it ‘groundbreaking.’

So who’s behind this savoury concoction? Rebels Smokehouse, a BBQ retaurant in Beverly, East Yorkshire created the 1500 calorie-strong feast, which will set you back a hopefully-understandable £15.95.

Smokehouse owner Sean Singer became inspired while working on a nostalgic menu.

He said:

I was working with co-owners Jason Rowe and Lucas Billingham to create a nostalgic menu when we came up with this.

We were thinking of a the Chicago town pizza – because we all ate these as a kid, more often than not in frozen form, when we decided to pair it with the Yorkshire pud.

Of course, it was the natural progression as we’re all from Yorkshire.

How about you guys? Would you get your laughing gear around the Yorkshire pudding pizza? While you’re brooding on it, read my case for Yorkshire becoming an independent state.