You Can Now Get Paid £40,000 A Year To Be A Biscuit Taste Tester

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You Can Now Get Paid £40,000 A Year To Be A Biscuit Taste TesterPixahive/Pixabay

A one-of-a-kind job for a professional biscuit taster has been advertised at a Scottish biscuit company.

The news many interest anyone sitting at home reading this, armed with a cup of tea in one hand and soggy Bourbon in the other, especially upon seeing the £40,000 salary and benefits package that comes with it.


Border Biscuits, based in Lanark, Scotland, is on the hunt to find itself a Master Biscuiteer (which sounds a very fancy way of wanting to pay people to spend their days on a permanent tea break), in an advert they’ve posted online.

In the ad, the company describe how they are ‘delighted to announce this brand new role’ that offers a generous 35 days of holiday time a year.

But don’t assume the job will be easy or that just anyone can do it. They’re after someone who is qualified – meaning a candidate with a Food Economics or Nutrition degree, or something equivalent. Practical experience around baked goods (we’re assuming that means knowing what goes in them and how to conduct oneself and managing a brand, rather than being able to eat your bodyweight in cake) is required, too.


You Can Now Get Paid To Sniff Trainers

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A desired qualification is the understanding of ‘biscuit chemistry’ (sadly it gets less sexy) and its manufacturing, secondary chocolate processes, and being fully aware of the food industry’s code of practice, legislation, and technicality of it all.

What’s more, you’ll need to be able to use the likes of Microsoft Outlook and Excel and, we’re assuming, possess a vast knowledge in and ability to eat an obscene amount of biscuits.

If you fancy yourself a Master Biscuiteer, you can apply here.


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