You Can Now Get Paid To Be A Yorkshire Pudding Taster

Yorkshire Pudding mountain@chefcalum/Instagram

I hope I’m not the only one here, but I regularly eat eight to ten Yorkshire puddings filled with gravy for dinner – on their own.

Sure, it’s lacking in vitamins and nutrients, but boy does it make up for it in flavour and pleasure. Tenfold.

It’s the best part of a roast dinner (if you disagree you’re wrong), and now you can actually get paid to taste them.

A bar in Leeds is looking for a Yorkshire pudding taster, and you could get paid £250 for it.

This isn’t a job for Yorkshire pudding amateur’s however, they seek a professional pudding pundit to strike the perfect balance between crispy and fluffy.

The Botanist in Leeds wants to hone its recipe so their customers are fully satisfied.

Head Chef Sebastian wrote in an advert on Airtasker:

Do you love Yorkshire Puddings? Fancy yourself as the next Paul Hollywood?

Yes? Then I’ve got a task for you! We’re searching for one Yorkshire resident who knows what makes the perfect pud’ to help us perfect our signature Sunday Roast.

One lucky candidate will be chosen to attend a session at The Botanist Trinity, where you’ll be served a wide range of Yorkshire puddings made using different methods, with gravy of course! Oh, and did we mention we’ll pay YOU £250 for your time?

Your feedback will be used to help our team to continue serving the very best Yorkshire puddings, and settle a few arguments around who’s family recipe really is the best!

To apply, all you need to do is make an offer on the website and tell Sebastian your most memorable Sunday roast moment.

The advert continues:

Maybe you travelled miles back home for your Mum’s roast beef after a break up, or did you pop the question over the gravy boat?

Perhaps your most prominent memory is burning the potatoes to crisps and having to eat out instead! Whatever made that roast dinner memorable, we want to know about it.

The applicant with the story that makes us laugh or cry the most will be given the chance to join us at the tasting session.

Even if you haven’t had any ridiculous roast dinner stories, the website has been flooded with tragic and hilarious stories from people.

Yorkshire puddingsWikimedia/Canadianmusic

One hilarious user, Ben M, wrote Sebastian a heartfelt plee for why he was the perfect candidate:

I think I’m your guy, Sebastian. A family member saw an article online about your search and texted me straight away.

Quite frankly I would be very surprised if there’s another 22-year-old on this planet that’s eaten more Yorkshire puds in their life than I have.

If there is I would very much like to meet them. I am a Yorkshire pudding eating machine Sebastian… machine!

My mum and dad no longer resist my efforts to knick there’s when we go out for a Sunday dinner. Resistance is futile. (I’m still trying to get my brother and sister to that stage but unfortunately they’re avid Yorkshire pudders, too). Some of my family members even refer to me as ‘Puds’.

I know a good Yorkshire pudding, Sebastian. I can definitely help you separate the wheat from the chaff; the Yorkshire pud from the Yorkshire ‘shud’nt be sold’ (sorry, best I could do).

Yorkshire puddings on plateWikimedia Commons/stef yau

You can view the too-good-to-be-true advert here and see if your story passes the test.

I can’t think of anything better than being paid to eat Yorkshire puddings, but maybe that says more about me?

If you have a story you want to tell, send it to [email protected]