You Can Now Get White Chocolate Ice Cream Toblerone

by : Emily Brown on : 01 Aug 2018 12:02
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Toblerone have released a white chocolate ice cream just in time to catch the few warm days of summer we have left. 


A couple of years ago, the makers of the uniquely shaped Toblerone bar infuriated chocolate lovers everywhere, by increasing the size of the gaps between the peaks of deliciousness.

The bar was no longer seen as a chocolate version of the Swiss alps, and instead was likened to a bike rack. A slightly, less picturesque, aesthetic.

However, the creators recently decided to revert on their decision and change the bars back to their more equal zig-zag shape.


And, in what I can only assume is an attempt to win us all back, they’ve now released a white chocolate, ice cream Toblerone.

The ice cream has everything Toblerone fans love about the chocolate bar, wrapped up in a much more summer-suitable treat.

With nougat and honey ice cream encased in white chocolate – and little added chunks of nougat – the melt-in-your-mouth goodness is shaped into a classic Toblerone triangle, to make sure there’s no mistaking who gifted us with this delight.

The brand came out with their milk chocolate version of the ice cream in the UK earlier this year, which was made up of chocolate and honey flavoured ice cream, wrapped in a milk chocolate shell, with added fragments of almond, nougat and more honey.

Toblerone Ice CreamToblerone Ice CreamToblerone

So, whether you’re in it for the nougat, or the almond, between the two ice creams, Toblerone have got you covered.

Chocolate lovers can’t wait to get their hands on the frozen goodness, and are desperate to find out where they can find one to sink their teeth into.


Scores of fans took to Twitter to express their delight.

One person wrote:

They have brought out new white chocolate toblerone ice creams #MustHave #WhereDoIGetThem #MyFave [sic]

While another added:

Who doesn’t need a Toblerone Ice Cream in their life?

While it seems the company haven’t deemed the UK worthy of the white chocolate ice creams just yet, they’ve been seen in shops in France and Germany.

Those guys are so lucky!


Some people are so desperate for the taste of the white chocolate Toblerone ice cream, they’re even trying to create it themselves.

One person shared their innovative creation, writing:

Eating toblerone with white chocolate ice cream.. Brings the word tasty to a whole new different level!

Hopefully, the white chocolate and nougat treat will make it on to the UK’s shelves sooner rather than later, but until then, at least we still have the milk chocolate version to get us through the rest of summer.

For true Toblerone fanatics, you can even get your hands on a Toblerone cake from Sainsbury’s for just £3. That might do for some comfort food while we wallow in our lack of white chocolate Toblerone ice cream.

And of course, there’s still always the trusty chocolate bars, which’ll soon be back to their original and much more favoured shape.

While we might not have easy access to the white chocolate ice creams, at least we can take solace in the fact they exist at least!

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